3M SOLAS Reflective Tape

Long Distance Ocean Rescue Intensity

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3M SOLAS world renowned ocean rescue brightness


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Created for ocean visibility and rescue

    . . . Oceans are the greatest visibility challenge on earth. So If SOLAS reflective tape is the only tape to use in that environment, you'll be smart to use this reflective tape. We've made this most expensive reflective tape available in sizes to fit tight budgets. Get it now, while we can still do it.

So good, you don't need too much. A small amount adds a real kicker to your other tapes.

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"Man-Overboard" Super Bright Rescue Tape

  • US Coast Guard Certified "Extreme  Brightness"

  • Encapsulated Lens Technology

  • Gray by day - Intense White by night

  • Specified by Navies & Coast Guards worldwide

  • Remains Flexible

  • Just as bright on land

  • 3M's Strongest adhesive

    • Devilishly "forever" sticking power

    • Even sticks to Nylon

  • Serious "defensive play" on road bikes and more

SOLAS Reflective Tape ("Saving Our Lives At Sea") - Description:

Out on the water there is no room for error. Once someone is overboard and in trouble time accelerates and every second counts more than ever. Sailors prepare ahead of time by affixing Reflective SOLAS Tape to emergency gear, ditch bags, etc. Long before needed, they also run a strip along the sides and keel of their dingy. Their goal is for person, gear and boat to be more visible in low light or darkness, even if capsized. Note: Only the strongest adhesive brings confidence to this task.


Manufacturers flood the market with many qualities of reflective tape. But one brand of SOLAS tape continues to stand out -

  • 3M Scotchlite SOLAS Tape 3150-A


According to 3M’s technical guidance, tapes in its 3100 series use a “silver, flexible reflective material with our most aggressive adhesive.” This means the tape sticks to nearly every surface and stays put.

While more expensive than the others, we STRONGLY caution against the impulse to save a buck with other brands sold in most home repair and automotive stores. They usually lack one or more of the most important life-saving benefits of the 3M SOLAS offering: 1.Adhesion, 2.Reflectivity and 3.Durability and 4.Flexibility. In the case of the last, great flexibility is needed in many SOLAS applications and will not adhere properly to curved surfaces.


​This is easy: If it involves my kids, it will always be the 3M SOLAS 3150-A - no exceptions.