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Reflective Helmet Pinstripes

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 Pinstripes to love

  • 3M quality - the best

    • Strongest
    • Brightest
    • Weather Proof

  • Scotchlite pure

    • Solid

  • UV protection

    • No fade

    • No curl

  • Precise edges

  • "Peel 'n Stick"  

  • Guaranteed

Single Size Kits

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About Quantities:

  • Your choices above  show number stripes inside each "kit".

  • Your CART Quantities tell me how many "KITS" you want.

Reflective Pinstripe:

  • "Stealth" Black pinstripes appear as White when reflecting bright lights.

  • Standard Helmet Pinstripes are 22" long. Let me know if your helmet needs more.

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While use of reflective material enhances visibility, no reflective material can guarantee absolute visibility, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Performance will vary depending upon actual use, exposure conditions and maintenance. Buyers should personally test and own responsibility to see that their reflective material satisfies their individual requirements.