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"I didn't see him ... blah, blah, blah"

Most of us find ourselves mounted up at dusk when night begins to descend around us. That's when others most often repeat the lame phrase - "I never saw the motorcycle" (it's even worse now with so many driving with a phone to their ear).

Bottom line: there will be more drivers in our lives with phones and other distraction as well as "substances" that dull awareness and reaction time.

That means it's really on us to improve our odds out there. We can take charge and play defense.

It all boils down to visibility and the absence of light. We've all got headlights, tail lights, brake and signal lights. And the other guy probably has good headlights, too.

Now if we can only help him see us sooner so, even if distracted, he has a better chance of seeing us sooner - in time to prevent ... I won't even go there.

But, enter the technology of "retroreflective" tape, and suddenly, we can return the strength, intensity and brightness of the headlight's beam directly back to the other driver's eyes. We've all heard about reflective tape, but it is the principle of "retro-reflectivity" transforms dispersed and passive reflections into intense, piercing and targeted light focused in one direction.

So, where should we go to find the best high quality reflective tape and safety kits with our needs in mind?

That's easy, Just surf over to and grab some reflective tape or a couple of reflective kits to be seen better at night. They have the good stuff. It's all made exclusively with 3M reflective Scotchlite. Make no mistake, you definitely want the best. Not just for brightness, but for superior adhesives and all-weather durability. Yes, the cheap stuff from China often looks similar and costs less. But we've checked 'em all and we're talking about significant differences in quality that which puts 3M's value at a huge advantage.

Frankly, you're worth it.

Brighten up,

Veri Tas