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Prismatic Reflective Tape

(Extra High Intensity)

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3M Scotchlite™ Reflective Tape Description:

3m is the acknowledged leader in the technologies behind retro reflection and has been improving reflective tape performance
for over 80 years. 3m scotchlite is universally generally considered the best, the brightest and the most durable. Heavily used on motorcycles,, helmets and commercial vehicles for its improved visibility and safety

Reflective Tape Description:

Commonly known as 'reflective tape” RETRO-REFLECTIVE tape does not act like your personal dressing mirror which picks up imagery and light from all angles. Instead, reflective tape collects light from one source via tiny prisms or glass beads and multiplies its impact by sending the reflection in ONLY ONE DIRECTION – BACK TO ITS SOURCE.

3M is recognized as the original and most prominent developer of retro-reflective tapes and film dating back to the early 1900's.

Focusing your attention on the light source vs what you see, picture yourself driving toward a stop sign at night with your headlights on. As you know, from experience, the stop sign appears quite bright as long as your eyes are in the same or near plane as the headlights. However, another person walking on the sidewalk adjacent to your car, can look at the same stop sign and see little or no reflected light from your headlights. But, if there is another source of light behind the other person, THAT light may strike the sign and it will reflect back to the pedestrian, but not the driver 20 feet “off plane”

It is this narrow line of reflection which accounts for the high levels of brightness of reflective tape.

Early glass beads disperse this light much more than modern micro-prisms. Therefore, the newer prismatic tape may seem extremely brighter.

Certain types of reflective tape work better in specific situations. For this reason, the brightest tape in may fail to conform to shapes as well as more flexible films which use the glass beads. In this case the less bright becomes the brightest for the specific situation.

And once again, less is more.

The secret to successful visibility enhancement depends on choosing the right tape for the task.

We can help if you have questions about this.

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While use of reflective material enhances visibility, no reflective material can guarantee absolute visibility, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Performance will vary depending upon actual use, exposure conditions and maintenance. Buyers should personally test and own responsibility to see that their reflective material satisfies their individual requirements.